That's me told, a unanimous vote for a 2 photo layout - so 2 photos it is! I'm really glad I asked and that so many of you responded :)

So here's the final front page for that pattern - the border is there to help against the background, and isn't part of the layout. I'm formatting the other patterns with the same layout, so that there's consistency and hopefully a recognisable style.

It's a simple layout, I like simple. Lots of white space and clear photos (am feeling even more glad that I started the Photos Project now!) I'm not the world's greatest layout designer, that's probably pretty obvious, but like anything else with self-publishing you learn on the job. There's a tight deadline for getting these ready and there really isn't time to start learning new softwares and layouts, so I went with what I've got and what I know and I don't think it's turned out too bad. I did have a different layout done by a graphics designer, and I've decided to save that for other avenues with print - for example there's a joint venture with BabyLongLegs underway and the other layout has been used there.

Yesterday saw me playing around with space, and making those patterns fit nicely is tougher than you think! It's never really been an issue with PDF's because you have as much room as you want and customers can choose which pages to print. With my books juggling space proved tricky initially but I soon learnt, and reformatting the singles will no doubt be the same. The singles are quite different to books; with a group of patterns together there are more options for filling or trimming space, the singles are much more restrictive .

The chance of selling my patterns in print and wholesale at TNNA is an amazing opportunity, and it's given me the kick I need to finish tidying up my presentation. It's also a little overwhelming too, but it'll be alright so long as the worry gene is pushed aside and I take my time and don't do anything stupid. I've been so comfortable in my little digital world; getting out and playing with the big boys really is a whole different game.

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