When I originally posted asking for questions related to my design approach, the most popular question asked is where do I get my inspiration from? To answer, I think it comes from a few places, yet the most common source without a doubt is structures. It doesn't matter whether they are natural structures or man-made architecture, I seem to soak them up like a sponge.

I'm much more a 3D person that 2D - I have acute spatial awareness and have a very good sense of space and dimension. When I did my Textiles degree at Goldsmiths we were able to choose our own direction, and I very happily went the sculptural route. Infact for my degree show I built an installation that was handspun and knitted!

It might be best to try and show you visually some of the things that appeal to me. I don't take as many photos when we're out and about as I used to, so I went through my archives and found some photos of forms that have caught my attention over the past few years. I can't remember when they were all taken but remember what most of them are ;)

A building somewhere in Paris (I did say I didn't remember all the details!)


The ceiling of a train carriage on the way out of London Bridge


Greenwich foot tunnel, one of my favourite places, and also where we took some of the photos for Going Straight!


Some sort of air vent or smoke detector...


Some of the Echeverias that I used to have on my balcony in London


A temporary wall around a construction site in Spain (if I remember the city I'll edit it)


I hope this gives some insight into what grabs my attention and how the structures in my designs evolve! I've rather enjoyed going through old photos and finding these, it's nice to reminded of things that I've seen, and remember how they evoked ideas :)

Is it obvious that circles and spheres are a bit of a common theme? ;)

I'll get working on some more posts about my design process, and if you think of anymore questions please do ask!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead