This reformatting I've been doing? It's not just for the bundles. Y'see, I'm getting many of my singles ready for print, as I think I've found the perfect avenue for wholesale... and avenue that could see my patterns at TNNA! So besides getting all excited, I've been fiddling and tweaking and have pretty much got the layout sussed.

Except for one thing. It might be a minor thing but it's bugging me and I could use some feedback!

The front page will be colour and is all about eye candy. I've worked 2 options, one with 2 photos, one with 3. Here's how they look with Bobble Beret:

My dilemma - I think I prefer the 3-photo layout, but not all of my patterns have 3 suitable photos, as my last template only needed 2. The size of the photos in the 3-photo template is smaller but they show more angles.

And I realise it looks a little odd, with the white background on the page and the screen, but you get the jist though, yes?

So... should I stick to just the 2-photo layout for all of them, or should I use the 3-photo when I can and the 2-photo otherwise?

Thoughts welcome! (and feel free to tell me if I'm worrying too much ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead