Even though I've taken the pressure off the next book by postponing the publishing date, I'm incapable of doing nothing. Even in this heat, my mind needs to have something to think about and my fingers something to do. It's too hot to knit with wool most of the day, so I've taken to doing some of the little, unurgent things on my very long list of things to do.

One idea that Tom suggested (ages and ages ago) was to reformat some of my existing (single) patterns into little bundles. The price of the bundles would be a generous discount on the total price of the patterns, and they'd all be reformatted into a booklet come PDF. It's another way of selling them, and if I take the research I've done seriously, it might just work. My lovely customers often buy multiple patterns, more often than not in the same style or yarn weight, so the bundles seem to be a good option.



And so this is the first one which I finished yesterday and added today - The Chullo Collection. It's not hard work reformatting, not compared to working on the Kitchener book - I don't have to think too much yet it keeps my mind and fingers busy and gets some things ticked off my list! And now that I've got this one done, the next few I have planned will be much easier, as the template is already laid out.

This bundle contains all of my chullo or ear-flap type Hats. The total price of these singularly is £12.25, and the price of the bundle is £5.50. They've all been reformatted and have been laid out in columns, a bit like the written instructions in Going Straight, and the collection is pretty dandy. I'm pleased with the cover myself, it's simple but I think it works.

I'm going to be doing a Beret Collection too, and possibly do a collection based on yarn weights, as we all have odd skeins of certain weights in our stash, so it makes sense to do it.

And the next bit of good news? I've been talking about these mini books with my publisher, and it's quite possible that these will go to print and be available for wholesale too!

There are lots of exciting things happening at the moment, most of which I can't tell you about (yet) and some of them are more businessy than creative, but I will share when I can. Meantime, I need to find a cool, quiet room to go work in. Wish me luck with that..

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