Now I know I'm gonna sound terribly English, but it's just too frigging hot here! And it's only the middle of May for hell's sake. Jeez.

While I've been slogging away this afternoon, the boys have been playing, as they often do whenever I need to work.

It's not fair, is it? I'm sat here screwing my brain over the Kitchener book in a hot and sweaty studio while they get to splash around in the paddling pool. I guess it keeps them out from under my feet..

And this is Aran giving Daddy a kiss in that 'I'm gonna eat your face!' fashion that the wee folk tend to favour:


It's been one of those days when there just aren't enough hours or there isn't enough head space to ever see the book finished. It will get finished (it will! it will!) and I've just got to remember that. If it's not done by the (loose) deadline then so be it. Better it's done properly and thoroughly than it being done under stress and rushed, no?

Thankfully more loose ends have been dealt with, which is always a relieve. They tend to hang around and bug my brain and stop me from working, so the battle plan has been to deal with them as and when. The previous secret knitting project is done completely, which is great! I've also sent a submission off for something else, and if that's successful (if, if) it will be published at the end of the year.

It's odd when you're working on a big project like a book, you seem to disappear off the face of the earth... single patterns don't get published and regular knitting languishes in a dark corner. Fortunately I have managed some forethought (w00t) this time and soon a few Wormhead designs will be making an appearance.

Right, I'm going to have a glass of chilled white wine and try and find a way to cool down. (maybe I should jump in the paddling pool?)

Oh, and if anyone ever fancies buying me an expensive present, look no further. It's *all* amazing but I'm especially covetting that ring. Thanks to KnitGrrl for tweeting this and making me wish once again for things I can't afford.

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