They want your photos!

I've just read this on Twitter and am all excited! Annie Modesitt is putting together an ideas/inspiration book all about knitted Hats. See why I'm so excited? I've been behaving like a crazy loon this last half hour or so, because, y'know, I'm excited!

Here's the deal.

This is going to be an ideas and inspiration photo book. What they're asking for is for knitters to send in their photos of the Hats they've knitted - the patterns can be by any designer (though I won't mind at all if you send in photos of Wormhead Hats. Seriously, I really don't mind at all. Not one bit) - all they ask is that they are well knitted and interesting/inspirational/beautiful photos.

Here's the linky to the website, and to the FAQ page.

And what better timing, when we've been working on the Photos Project and have lots of shiny new photos around? I want to encourage *everyone* who's taken photos of their Hats to send them in. They don't have to be typical modelled shots, good quality is the key; all of that is covered in the FAQ.

So what are you waiting for? Go read the website and upload your photos! Please, please, please - I'm so excited about this and I think it will be a fantastic book - can you imagine seeing all of those photos, all those images of people's knitted Hats? It'll be a Hat lovers' wet dream I tell you!

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