We only heard about the Italian eathquake some 40 hrs after it happened, but I wanted to let everyone know who's shown concern (which oddly enough no-one in our family has!) that we're perfectly ok.

The epicentre is some 285km away (the other side of the mountains), although Tom tells me he did feel something, and tremors here have been confirmed. We don't have a TV and don't check the News websites so it was all a bit weird when we got the news but at least we now know what's been happening. I think everyone knows more about it than we do!

It occured just hours before my Mum got up, on the morning she caught her flight home. I also read that on the 30th there was a smaller one, and that was the day she flew out here... it's a good job she found out after she'd got home.

I understand they're doing everything they can to help those affected, and hopefully the aftershocks will stop soon.

ETA - I changed the title of this post incase anyone thought it was a bit insensitive, which wasn't my inention at all!

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