I've been meaning to show you some of the photos that the lovely knitters of my patterns have very kindly allowed me to use, so here are a selection!

Whirly Rib Cap


Tudor Cap


Loopy Flapper







I'm still loving having knitters getting involved with this project - it's such a great thing to see the different Hats on different people - each person wearing or suiting the Hat slightly differently, and each one having a slightly different perspective with the photography.

*Most* of the paid-for patterns have now been remodelled, only 2 left methinks. That doesn't mean that the Photos Project will end - on the contrary, although the initial work (in terms of getting the first lot of new photos & organising it all) is done, it's going to continue to be beneficial to have fresh photos come in, either from myself or from my fantastic customers.

All of the new photos are up on my Ravelry Designer page and that is looking so, so much better for all the work - thank you to everyone who's helped with this! I'm building the new pattern pages for this website slowly, starting at the back end and gradually moving forward. By that I mean each individual pattern will get it's own page with photos, blurb, technical details etc. These are currently hidden, but once done they will all be revealed. Then, I'll change the thumbnails of the general pattern pages, and finally the front page. Not sure if I'm explaining it clearly, but that's how it the build will work!

We had another photo shoot over the weekend, with pattern samples that I've reknitted and Silvia, my new model, so I'll show some of those shots next time.

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