Finally my laptop is back to normal, and working better than it ever did.

To cut a very long story short, we never did hear back from Sony about the broken internal wireless card, and after several failed attempts at getting the adapters to work we decided to reinstall Windows. Bad move. Vista wasn't having any of it (this machine was built for Vista!) and although XP did install it wouldn't work properly.

Although this wasn't good news it pleased me because I really can't stand Windows and other Microsoft products. So I gladly reinstalled Ubuntu and went on the hunt for Linux friendly adapters. And I tell you, those Linux guys are geniuses. Because in no time at all they'd given me the code and how-to to not only wake up my internal wireless card but get it working again too! Bloomin' marvellous!

We've since learnt that the internal card on this model does like to play dead, although it would have been nice if Sony had got back to us and told us that....

Anyhow's, it's been back working for nearly a week but I haven't been blogging because my Mum's been here. I've had odd moments here and there to catch up on emails but otherwise it feels like I haven't done any proper work for weeks... well, computer necessary work at least.

My Mum's gone home now, but we did have an interesting week. We took her to San Marino for the day:-

San Marino is a really interesting place but it's hard to see in the rain, and it rained most of last week (Mother had bought it with her we figured...) And when it rains here San Marino sits in the clouds and gets all wet and foggy.

We also went to the local Ethnographic museum here in Santarcangelo, which although is mostly about farming, does have a section about the local Textile history.

I did want to write a whole blog post about this part of the museum, and still will do if I find time. The local fibre is flax, and there were wheels and niddy noddys in abundance! I need to get some of the information translated before I write a more indepth post and that could take some time.

When the sun did decide to show itself we went off to the beach so that Mum and Aran could paddle in the sea, and much fun was had then!


More photos have been uploaded to here if you want a closer look - even though the weather was bad and we didn't do as much as we'd planned, we still took loads of shots ;)

Things are sort of getting back to normal now... sunshine (28 degrees today) and photo shoots (more later) as well as sorting out our plot and organising me a studio :D With any luck I'll be able to blog more often, too ;)

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