Thank you for your feedback on the photos in my last post!I like the large format too, as you can see more without clicking around. Definitely feel like the photos and presentation are improving round here so I'll try and keep up the pretty visuals. Photos of Aran are in ready supply ;)

I really needed cheering up today. Haven't been down as such, more a whirlwind of emotions that's been sending me all over the place. No doubt it's fallout form all the recent family things, the expected ripples. I'm not comfortable with it, but do need to remind myself that it's OK. Heck, this is to be expected in a life without the Meds, so a bit of fallout after all that kerfuffle is reasonable. No reaction would be more worrying I think.

I bought yarn, to cheer me up, as you do. Or as you do if you're a woolly sort who hasn't bought yarn in an eon.

Super scrummy burgundy mohair. I know mohair isn't really in vogue at the moment, but I love it. Well, I love the quality stuff that's seriously soft with a low man-made factor, not the cheap and nasty stuff. And this is the good stuff.

Adrian Wool 'Kismy' (Italian brand) in shade 33. Got 100g of it, of course, although I don't know yet what how I'll use it (it'll be a Hat but don't know any more than that!)

I headed straight for this yarn, because I bought some of it when my Mum was here, only in a different colour.

This is more lime citrus than this photo will have you believe and is seriously beautiful yarn. Such a shame that I couldn't get the colour to play nice but I hope you get the idea. Another 100g, another Hat sometime in the future.

I've been making good progress with the Kitchener book over the last few days. I think I mentioned that I'd decided to redo all the photos for the samples and tutorials, and so the first chapter is nearly done again. Editing tutorial photos is driving me bonkers, so I'm looking forward to finishing this bit and moving onto the more challenging bits of the book!

After talking with my publisher, we have an estimated publishing date. I won't share just yet because the stress of such a big deadline won't help me at all, but it will be this year, autumn time hopefully. We're already thinking about advertising and marketing which is scary enough! Sometimes I can visualise all the work that needs doing and it seems manageable... other times it simply freaks me out. I've been sitting here wondering today whether I should even be doing this, and whether there is demand for a Kitchener book.. it's been on of those days.

Had better go and hide the new yarn in my stash so that it can't tempt me. Have to muster some discipline somehow.

ETA - post edited because I can't type the contents of a yarn label properly! It' kid mohair and 40g a ball.

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