I've just uploaded a tutorial for 3 needle bind-off. This one is commonly available on the web, yet I've included additional tips for how to deal with short row wraps, and these tips also apply to kitchener. Like the other tutorials it's available as a downloadable PDF, which in my current climate of crappy internet service is v.useful - saves me from screaming at the computer ;)

New tutorial can be found here :)

Next up, an Events page. I had one on my old website yet didn't transfer it over here as there wasn't much going on. Since then though I've been booked for a few events in the Uk so figured I ought to get my act together and provide the information!

Up-to-date events page here :)

You may have noticed in the sidebar that I've got a swanky new Ravelry button - well these fab buttons are the created by the talented Laylock, and she's got a whole bunch available for you to download and use! If you have a look around her site you'll see she has other fab goodies too.

Lovely Laylock Rav buttons here :)

You probably know by now that I use Open Source software for just about everything. It's not the fact that they're free that forces me (though that is a big bonus, and yep, I do donate), it's because they're community run softwares. They aren't owned by a big corporate company, they're developed by groups of v.knowledgable individuals and anyone can contribute to their development. If you've found a bug or have a suggestion, they'll listen. I like their ethos, basically. These softwares are also multi-platform too, which most other software isn't, and that makes life very easy for me if I ever have to use Tom's PC.

There's a lack of tutorials available for using these softwares for knit design - when I've needed to find out how to do something I've adapted existing tutorials for the mainstream softwares, yet that isn't always easy to do, as sometimes the Open Source equivalents do things slightly differently.

And so the Knitting Penquin has started to publish tutorials for these softwares and how they can used for knit design! She's starting with Inkscape (vector drawing program) and has much more in the works. Brilliant, and she's incredibly generous to share her knowledge. Really worth keeping an eye on, IMHO.

Knitting Penquins Inkscape tutorials here :)

And now I must go do the washing up. Enjoy!

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