As Aran grows it's getting harder and harder to work in the bus. I can manage some knitting whilst looking after him, and work on the design/pattern writing side of things when he's asleep, yet it's near on impossible to concentrate on a big project like the Kitchener book when we're all in the same living space. This might be blatantly obvious to everyone but I'm only starting to learn these things!

I think the lack of working space is another reason why I've been stalling on the book... updating patterns and the Photos Project is easy stuff compared to writing a book and fairly manageable with a nearly 14mth old tugging at your ankles.

Hence we set about sorting out our plot, moving things around, and building me a studio. Well, an adult room come working space come spare room.

We're a bit squashed in here, with one of the smallest plots on the Yard, yet being the resourceful family that we are we've managed to open up some space that once sorted will suit us all pretty well.

We've moved the bus and Sheila's box (German Army Trailer) to make the most of the limited space. To the far right is one of our neighbours (this one isn't here very often so it's ok being that close), and to the left of the bus is the other (who's there most of the time), so you can get some sense of what we're working with.

The awning is a temporary affair and Tom has plans to build something more permanent. We need shelter not just from the rain but also from the sun - shade is essential in an Italian summer! The main 'garden' space needs lots of work and we'll also build a sorta fenced child friendly area for the little dude so he can have his freedom too. He's already got a wee swing and slide!

At the back is Sheila's box, and she's given us the OK to rearrange it and make some sort of office come studio which is brilliant! The plot is long and narrow so there is more space the other side, and we may build Tom a workshop back there so he's got space to get creative too.

There's a public lane that runs alongside our side of the Yarn, so here's a shot from there to help put things into perspective.

And a shot looking out onto the lane.

You can see how much work needs to be done, yet if you compare these to this photo taken a few months ago you'll see just how much we've done already! ETA - I should mention that we're planning on this being our winter hide-out, so we won't be here all year round! We have countries to go see, y'know ;)

We're mindful that Sheila's box is Sheila's box, and don't want to take over completely, so we've rearranged enough space to put in a desk and some shelves up at one end.

We've now got Tom's PC up and running in here, so if my laptop decides to play up again at least I've got a back up machine! At the moment it's very much a boy's games room, but it won't be long before I get all my yarn out and set up the light tent and get working ;)

Now I've got no excuse not to get on with the book. My mind is well and truly back in Kitchener mode, and we need to organise some sort of working day; Tom's happy looking after Aran while I work but I need some Mummy time too. It's tough being a working Mum, always feeling torn, but I'm sure between us we'll work it out!

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