This morning Aran took his first few steps unaided! Across the sofa, mind, who'd want to be like everyone else and walk on the floor...

And before we knew it, he walked a few more steps back to the other side of the sofa!

Tom then spent some time with him this morning, helping to do the same on the floor. He's been walking one-handed (i.e. holding one of our hands) or holding onto something for a while yet hasn't been in a rush to get up by himself. We're cool with that, happy to go at his pace.

Wonder how long it will be now before he's tearing around?

We bought a new lens for my D40 - an auto-focus 50mm that is designed to go with the camera body. Not a cheap outlay but I don't spend that much on my business and figured this lens would be worth it. So far it is - these are quick shots taken with it in low light - not bad, huh?

I do wonder what he's thinking about sometimes ;) He's wearing the sweatshirt that my mum bought him, and he's pretty much grown out of it already. Won't fit over that big head of his.

I've ticked some more things of my to-do list but forgot to try out the worry sheep. But these are small fry compared to Aran taking his first steps! Dudes - he's starting to walk!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead