For me, at least. Or they are when I remember to write them.

My head is swimming with stuff, work load is going bonkers, so I'm going to put my current list here so that a) I don't lose it and b) anyone and everyone can hold me to it  - no shirking if it's public, right?

Anything relating to the Kitchener book won't be here - these are all tasks that need to be finished before the Kitchener book takes over my life and absorbs my brain again.

  1. Yarn for current secret knitting project has arrived, and this needs to be finished ASAP. that means swatch, knitting, blocking, pattern writing, chart drafting & with any luck some modelled photos before it gets sent off to the editor.
  2. Other remaining secret knitting project - double check pattern and send of files & photos to editor - that one can be ticked off soon!
  3. Additional photos needed of Mushroom Cap, so that it can go off for tech editing. Hoorah - that pattern has been waiting forever to be published.
  4. Photo credit links need to be added to pattern pages.
  5. Finish Hat blocking tutorial and upload. It's over halfway done but languishing in a digital corner.
  6. Be good and put the other new design ideas on hold. Self discipline is not my strong point, but if I don't do this the Kitchener book won't get published this year.
  7. Javascript lightbox code isn't essential for the book pages - the current set-up works ok, so don't use that as an excuse to avoid working on the book.
  8. Block current Hats for Photos project and get them modelled (possibly the same time as modelling secret knitting pattern?)
  9. 3-needle bind-off tutorial, possibly spit-splicing too. There are plans for a tubular cast-on for knitting in the round too, but that one can be put on hold.
  10. Decide how to represent cables in new chart layout - which knitting font & symbols? Must be sorted for number of reasons.
  11. Finalise new graphics layouts. DO NOT start reformatting all patterns. Doh.
  12. Sort photos & layout for joint (currently secret but won't be for too much longer) project with BabyLongLegs :)
  13. Only start formatting pattern bundles if brain needs a break - DO NOT start doing this to avoid working on the book.

If I think of anymore I'll add them, and as they get done I'll cross them of the list (though a few are 'notes to self', so if you see me doing something I shouldn't feel free to confiscate my knitting needle collection as punishment, ok?)

Have I missed anything? Anything obvious?

Happy birthday to my Dad and Mary-Lou!


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