A soft and squidgy parcel arrived here yesterday, all the way from BabyLongLegs...

A skein of Sarah's gorgeous handspun!

There's 100g, 134m of 3ply lusciousness. 1ply is a variegated green Polwarth, 2nd ply is a variegated British Merino and the 3rd ply is a space spun solid Merino in 3 shades of purple, to provide subtle self-striping (that's what it says on the label ;)

The rotten Italian sunshine has been playing havoc with the exposure, so here's a closer look:-

This skein of yumminess is already sparking design ideas, and methinks there will be a pattern in the 'Twisted Woolly Toppers' collection using this yarn.

Right now though, I have to push design ideas aside because I've got a book to finish.

The Kitchener book isn't something I can dip in and out of, it needs my full attention. While I've been playing with the website and getting new photos sorted (which Tom reckons has been a huge case of book procrastination) I've had to push all the Kitchener stuff to one side, store it away until I'm ready to come back to it again.

I think my memory, or at least the storage of technical stuff, uses a system similar to those funny office filing cabinets. You know, the ones that won't allow you to open another drawer whilst a different one is already open. Only one drawer is allowed open at any one time. The drawer that has all the Kitchener info stored in it is is firmly jammed shut, and won't open until all the other loose ends are tidied up and finished with.

So onwards I go. Gotta obey the rules of the brain...

Oh, whilst I've been doing more website fiddling, I've noticed that many of you wonderful folk still have my old blog linked to... can I ask everyone to change their links to this new address? Ta!

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