It's a bit difficult to follow on from my last post, but I would like to say thank you to everyone who emailed me privately, as well as to those who have left a comment.

I'm alright, not an emotional wreck, just a bit tired. I wrote what I did because I felt it needed to be said, not because I wanted any kind of reaction. Whenever I've told people about it one to one, their shock has been greater than mine, and the only way (I feel) to reduce that is to stop this all being secret and remove the taboo. To me it's now a fact, something that happened, something that makes up this jigsaw of life; it's part of who I am, part of who my mum is, and there's no point in trying to hide from it. But sometimes I still fear people's reactions, and of course the clouds of depression still linger, and I want to try and change that.

Yes, there will be ripples for a while, but eventually this will become just something else that happened, something small in the greater scheme of things, and that's what it needs to be. It needs to be normal and it can't be that if it goes unspoken and eats away inside.

I still don't know the outcome of life support being switched off so feel like we're playing some weird waiting game. Really all I want right now is to know when it will be over. And I suspect we will all feel lighter when it is. It's all over now, and we're OK :)

Busy fingers ease a restless mind, and I've been busy knitting more samples for the photos project:-




There aren't many Hats left in need of new photos, mostly the free ones. I spent most of yesterday finishing of the pattern pages on this website and everything is now at a good point. Those patterns still in need of new photos have the old ones there and will get switched to the new template when the photos are ready. All of the other pages, even the ones for the free patterns, are in place and looking loads better. Other than the photos, one of the only things left to do is to add links for photo credits to the pages that need them - the credits are on the patterns, just gotta transfer it all over.

All this tying up of loose ends, all this tidying up is good stuff. Now that it's nearly all done, I can start thinking about the Kitchener book again. My studio is pretty much ready so it's time to get on with the next chapter!

PS - please keep those design questions coming - they really are very helpful and I'm looking forward to explaining about my ideas, inspiration and processes!

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