It's amazing how quickly you can fall out of the habit of blogging, even though I blogged every day for more than 3 weeks. Don't they say that doing the same thing every day for 3 weeks forms a new habit? Not with me, it doesn't..

And there's nothing like a seriously bad photo of me to scare folk away either! (I have been trying to find another shot of that woolly so I can edit that photo out with no luck yet.... that post is pointless without it so it has to stay for now.. sigh)

Most of the things I've been working on are still secret, and this looks like it may be the way it is this year, I'm afraid, which will make blogging tricky. I'd like to show you some photos of how we've been clever and baby-proofed the bus but we've been a little too busy. Needless to say Aran appreciates all the hard work ;)

I can share a photo of Aran that we took this morning, which is rather lovely. Those 2 baby Hats that I knitted last weekend needed modelling and so we took the little dude up to the sort of kiddies play area on the Yard, and boy did he enjoy being let loose on the grass! Somebody should have warned me that speed-crawling babies are not the easiest of subjects...

That's his TomTen that he's wearing incase you're wondering, although it's now looking a little small for him. The fact that next friday he'll be a year old is still frazzling my brain.

Onwards I go... need to edit the other photos and get them added to the patterns - Baby Tri-Peak and Baby I-cord Beanie are getting new photos today. The sooner I get on, the sooner you can download the new versions!

ETA:- have uploaded all of today's photos of Aran to Google - linky!

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