Another free tutorial has been uploaded today - this one is for the crochet bind-off that I favour so much, and is the finish recommended in the Tri-Peak and Jester Hat patterns.

Heck knows why it's taken so long to do, but the need for mindless knitting over the past couple of days led me to knit Aran some new Hats from my freebie baby patterns, one of which was baby Tri-Peak, and so a quick photo opportunity presented itself. Half an hour or so later, the tutorial was done and uploaded.

It's available from the Knit/Crochet tutorial page.

The new Hats are blocking and once dry, Aran will do a little modelling for us so at least a couple of the freebie baby patterns will have nice shiny new photos. Multi-purpose projects please me muchly.

Two patterns destined for publication have been finished since the weekend although the pattern writing and grading needs to be finished... they normally get graded* and written as I go and tidied up at the end, so thankfully it is only the tidying up that needs to be done.

Secret design knitting makes for boring blogging... there's so much of it going on too, sorry!

Other news - I've joined the world of Twitter. Being as I'm completely useless at keeping up with social sites I can't promise I'll be very good at it. I am pleased that I found a plug-in for Firefox though which makes it all so easy... the idea of being able to type whatever crosses my mind into a little box at the bottom of my browser amuses me ;)

* - I'm a stange beast in that I work out the grading before I finish a design... and have often abondoned designs as early as the idea stage if I think they'll be ungradable.


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