I'm having major computer problems at the moment, which means that not only am I way behind in responding to emails, but also haven't been able to send out the pattern updates as promised.

The temporary spare part has arrived (Express Lan card) but unfortunately I've got to reinstall Vista to get it to work (it doesn't like Ubuntu)... now though Vista doesn't want to reinstall from our back-up discs as it claims there are no drivers for the hard-disk.


It's all very frustrating and one of those vicious circles that only a Windows operating system could get you in to. Being as it's a Sony Vaio with 'special' stuff' I can't even install Windows XP from an old disc because again it can't find any drivers.

I'm on a borrowed computer at the moment, and don't have constant access to the internet. I want to apologise to anyone waiting to hear from me, and to say I will be in touch as soon as is feasibly possible. Everything is backed up so no data is lost.

Now, it's a matter of (somehow) downloading the Sony drivers or putting Ubuntu back on, but then wireless won't work and we're back to square one.

If I don't get a chance, can someone add a note to the Ravelry forum, 'Wormhead's Hats' for me? Thank you!

I'll be back...

AuthorWoolly Wormhead