It's been a week since the internal wireless card on my laptop finally gave up the ghost. The local computer repair shop have emailed Sony to find out what to do about a new internal card ('cos they don't know. They don't even know where the nearest Sony centre is, what part it is and whether a generic replacement will work or if one exists) but we haven't heard anything back yet.

As a safety net, we decided to order a wireless card, one that slots into that little slot that's on the side of all modern laptops. Now this is where Sony becomes a pain in the rear, because they've done something very Sony and made their wireless card different from everyone else's. The standard cards available in any computer shop don't fit. So we have to order in a special Sony one... which we were hoping would arrive today.

Meantime, we dig out the USB dongle and find that that's not very well. As with any dongle, they get knocked about and not being baby proof, they don't last forever. We could buy a new dongle but unless they have the connection for an external aerial they're not much use and they don't sell that variety anywhere around. Although we could order one in... which would make us no better off than we are now. Besides, it would only get eaten by Aran the Destroyer. Things that stick out are easy targets.

And why do we have to have wireless? Well, a hard wired connection is available on site - it's all above board and cosha - yet it has to serve everyone on the Yard. Some folk have tried running the cables up to their plots yet the length of cable needed alone is enough to weaken the connection to just about nothing, let alone the exposure to the elements and mice and worse. Before we got here they didn't have wireless at all, which meant a daily trip up to the 'house' (central communal building on site which isn't really central). A walk is no problem, but much better to have it direct to your bus, no?

So that's what I've been doing, walking up to the house and plugging my machine directly in, which is fine for about an hour or so. Or I've been hijacking Tom's machine which is ok but it doesn't have all the necessary software installed and it does have a dodgy battery connection.

It's all a bit frustrating, really!

Still, I have been keeping busy and as soon as I can get up the house again I'll upload the photos - we did a mini photo shoot here today with one of the Italian girls on site and the photos are fantastic!

Sorry for the rant - promise I'll make up for it with pretty pictures next time ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead