There have been times when I've longed for the internet to not work or not be there, so that I would get more work done, instead of surfing and being unproductive. And really, we *should* be careful what we wish for, because my laptop has broken.

Not completely broke, just the internal wireless card needing replacing. Being prepared for such occurances, we do have a wireless USB adapter, yet that too has decided not to play nice and so now it's a matter of waiting to hear if we can get a replacement part for my machine. Grump. And nothing happens quickly here in Italy, they are so laid back.

Still, the rest of my machine is working happily, especially with my new OS (Ubuntu 8.10) so at least some work is getting done. This all means that emails and such are behind, so it will take me a bit longer than normal to get back to people, sorry!

Aran had a fantastic birthday, thank you for all the birthday wishes! The day was jam packed and every minute was enjoyed. We bought him a little push along horse thingy that converts to a trike for when he's older, and he's rather taken to being wheeled around on that...

We'd been promising that we'd let him feed himself on his birthday and that promise was kept with interesting results...

One of the people living here on the Yard organises children's parties and has a number of different sized bouncy castles, so up they went so our wee fella could have a proper party. He wasn't sure at first, but soon got the hang of it...

By the time bedtime came around he was so exhausted from all the excitement - it's fair to say he had the best day ever! The rest of the photos can be found here.

The weather has been fantastic - spring is well and truly here! To continue the fun we headed to the beach yesterday, were Aran discovered the joys of sand....

'Scuse the strange lighting in these photos - they were taken on my mobile phone, which doesn't handle strong sunlight very well ;)

The rest of the beach photo can be seen here.

This feels like rather a rushed post - sorry - my time online is little limited! And now I have to dash and try and tackle my inbox. I hope you enjoy the photos, and again, thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes. We're stil trying to get our heads round having a one year old, and Aran's trying to work out why everyday can't be like his birthday ;)


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