One of the things I've been quietly working on over the last few weeks is a more effective system of sending out pattern updates. Because I've changed automated pattern delivery systems over the last few years, it's been difficult to keep track of who has received what, and I wanted to collate everything and put together a safe way of ensuring all customers, past and present, have the most up to date versions of my patterns. This has been made all the more important with the photos project. It took nearly a week to collate and organise everything.

In my haste to get updates out, I made a mistake when sending some of the updates and now customers of 2 patterns have been able to see the email addresses of other people who have also received updates. I understand that this is not acceptable, and I sincerely apologise for this and accept full responsability.

The patterns concerned are Loopy Flapper, which not only has new photos but also now has child sizes added and directions for a different gauge, and Tudor Cap, which has an improved schematic and edited wording to help clarify the construction, as well as the new photos.

I have spent this morning going over the delivery of the new system and have found exactly where I made my mistake. The new system does work perfectly well, and I must remember not to do these things when I'm tired or not able to concentrate properly, as this helps no-one in the end.

Now that I've cleared it all up, I'm going to do a few more tests and then I'll be sending out explanations and apologies to all those who may have been affected, incase this post or the one I posted in the Ravelry group are missed.

I really am annoyed with myself for this - I've put in so much work and have gone and screwed things up because I'm over doing things when tired.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead