We're all a bit down in the dumps here. I've had a bad back for a couple of days (probably bought on by spring tidying madness) so that's seen me laid up for a couple of days. Aran's had a slight tummy bug which has sent him off his food and made him a wee bit more needy and grumpy. Whichever bug Aran had Tom now has, which has left him laid up and me tending to Aran... which isn't easy when you can't move or bend very easily... and this all results in an even more grumpy baby wanting even more cuddles.


To help me relax some I've been dong some nice, easy mindless knitting. The new photos project (which is a mammoth task that is, thankfully, coming along nicely) could do with some help too, so I raided my stash of chunky yarns and cast-on for a few of my old patterns.

It's quite therapeutic to go over old work. Not just to knit the Hats but also to revisit the patterns, and remember what it was that inspired me at the time. These are quick knits, on 5mm or 5.5mm needles using chunky gauge yarns, which all makes for good restful knitting. The thinking was done years ago, and all I need to do is follow my own words.

Funny, as I have little chunky left in my stash, and have been wondering for months what to do with it... did consider giving it away yet somehow it was allowed to stay. And here I am now, using up the last of it, to help get all of my patterns a new lease of life with fresh photos. Rather fitting, don't you think?

It's possible I may have found someone here to help model these Hats, which is fantastic. Getting hold of models has always been my biggest hurdle.. whilst we were living in London I could go weeks without seeing friends, let alone photogenic friends who didn't mind having a camera pointed at them. Commune living means we have people we know all around us, every day, so the chances of grabbing someone in a helpful mood is a bit more likely.

The help of wonderful knitters armed with a good camera is still needed, though. I said before about the photo project being a mammoth task, and that's putting it lightly. It will be near on impossible for me to reknit all the Hats and find people to model them myself. Besides, I like the variety that comes with opening up such a project and asking people to join in. I'll round up a few more new photos soon and share them in a post.

Aran can't help but get involved. Here he is trying out Vlora (which is a bit big), looking rather rustic with his 'teething cheeks'. He's now accepted the life of Hats that he has ahead of him - it's a good job he suits them too ;)

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