We've started taking Aran swimming to a local pool, and we go with the parents of wee baby Else also here on the yard. The first lesson was for the mums so I went in with him, and this weekend it was the turn of the fathers. They like the parents to alternate, helps with the wee ones' confidence we're told.

Last week with me I think Aran found it all a bit overwhelming and cried rather a lot whilst in the pool. Not surprising I guess to feel unsure, especially with all the noise, new smells and lots of people kissing him (the Italians do that a lot - don't think they see a fair blue-eyed baby very often) and talking gibberish (poor fella doesn't understand much English, let alone Italian)

We thought his 2nd lesson would be better, considering he'd done it once before and this time he'd be with his favourite play-mate (Daddy) only it didn't quite go to plan and he cried even more.

We don't want to give up now incase he develops a permanent fear of water, so the instructor has suggested that next time both of us go in the pool with him. Normally they only allow one parent at a time but for us they'll make an exception. The instructor is very good and friendly, so we're trusting her on this one.

It worries and saddens me a little, as he loves bath-time and I so want to spend time with him in the water (we're right next to a river and lake here which are perfect for summer swimming!) so we'll try again and hope he gets some reassurance from both of us. I don't think it's the water itself worrying the poor fella, but everything else about it.

The pool is at a local gym, and as it's not open to the general public it's small and clean and ideal. And this is where I have a confession to make.... For the last month I've been going to the gym.

Do you hear that, 'o parents of the Wormhead? Your daughter has been going to the gym.

I didn't go when Aran was ill of course, and since then I've settled into a routine of going 3 times a week, early in the morning. I'm not doing the regular gym though, I'd get too bored. If there's ever a way to get me to do exercise classes it'd be in the water, so the Aqua classes it is. Already I'm noticing how much more energy I have in general and it should help shift more of the baby fat.

I've been going with another mum here from the Yard... she suggested I give it a try, as she also had post-natal depression and it really helped her work things through and get back to 'normal'. So far, so good. It won't happen over night but at least it's a start.

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