The feedback on my last post is great - so many different points of view! I would like to give a thoughtful response to everything that's been said yet it's been a long day, I'm very tired and my brain hurts. Trying to think about it all is giving me a headache.

Instead I'll share something funny. Well I think it's funny now.

Once upon a time I bought a wig. It wasn't cheap, mind you, but it was a good one. Heck knows what was going through my mind at the time, being as I bought little pointy girlie pixie boots at the same time. You know me, I'm a total tom-boy. In hindsight I realise my head was rearing towards a major melt-down and somehow this wig was part of it, an alter-ego.

The wig has long since gone, because that's not really me, I'm never really going to look like this for real. My hair is way too thin and whispy and dull for a start. And in all honesty I wasn't comfortable with the attention I got - part of me liked it but it angered me because people weren't looking at me, they were looking at what they saw.

I can look and laugh now though! I was rotten... I'd wear it to work one day, and not the next, confusing the hell out of my students! But as I say, meltdown was just around the corner...

At times I've posted photos of me without dreads, with short hair, but I don't think I've shared these - I only found them earlier and had thought they were long deleted.

And as with any wig, it got tried on by more than one person....

(BTW, It was Erssie's comment about not using wigs that sent me down this tangent ;)

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