It's been a day for lovely things arriving in the post here, and who doesn't love opening up suprise parcels?

One parcel was from my mum, full of goodies for Aran:-

Plenty of clothes for the wee fella to grow into, some of which he can wear now. The digger ones please Tom very muchly and I'm sure he'll be dressing Aran in those very soon ;) Aran is tall for his age and keeps growing out of trousers. We're not sure quite were he gets the tallness from, because it isn't really in either of our families. Aran will look very smart wearing this lot, don't you think? Thank you Mum!

The 2nd parcel arrived from Harriet, who sent me a message after reading one of my recent blog posts. I knew what she was sending, but was surprised to find a little something extra too!

It's a great story and has all the humour you'd expect from Quentin Blake, I love it. We tried reading it to Aran but he kept trying to grab it... and he's already destroyed (not just chewed, I mean destroyed) 2 of the baby-proof cardboard books that Sheila bought him for xmas, we will keep this one out of reach for the time being. It's bad enough that Aran keeps trying to pull my books off the shelf.. he got hold of one of my Barbara Walkers this morning!

The reason Harriet sent the parcel in the first place was to gift me this:-

After reading one of my posts recently about how I'd missed out on the chance to buy a Mon Tricot stitchionary, Harriet sent me a message to say that she had one sitting on her shelf that she would happily send - and I am very happy to receive it! I'm itching to sit and thoroughly read all of the stitches but I have a huge pile of washing up waiting so have only browsed for now. It's exactly as I remember the Mon Tricot to be.. funny how stitchionaries have a signature style. Thank you so much Harriet!

Not only is today a better day for all this generosity, it's also been cheered by the sun and warmth - our thermometer is telling us it's 14 degrees, and is much warmer in the sun. Not bad for an early February day!

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