Unusually for me, I'm planning ahead!

Invitations often arrive in my inbox to teach workshops or submit patterns for books but more often than not nothing comes of them - either I can't promise where I/we will be on a certain date to teach or I can't promise to fit a particular brief or meet a specific deadline. It's nothing against any of the invites, I just find it hard to commit and would rather not let anyone down.

Having said that, BabyLongLegs started sweet-talking me and now I can confirm that I'll be at the UK Ravelry day on June 6th!

I'll be running a wokshop on Kitchener Stitch (details to follow) and also book signing. The organiser has also managed to book Brooklyn Tweed for a couple of workshops so I'm rather looking forward to being able to meet him!

For those who are Ravelry members, there's a group set up for the event - linky. For those who aren't Ravelry members I'm sure the website will be updated as things get confirmed.

Fun, fun, fun!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead