After their long (long) journey here, all the way from Hong Kong, my new Japanese stitch dictionaries have arrived! And like any other who has been patiently waiting for such gems to reach their impatient owner, everything was dropped in favour of a thorough browse.

I am so not disappointed. These babies are the business.

As it says, this one has 300 stitches, and they are all lace. I bought these from YesAsia after recommendations (Thank you Jo and Katya!) and when I was shopping I spent a long time trying to find books that would cover most of my needs... I could see myself developing a bit of a habit with these and I can't afford that. A whole book on lace is perfect - it's something I really would like to explore more with my Hats.

(oops - this post went and published itself again before it was ready! And it got a comment too.. (thanks! but come back - there's more!) how did that happen?)

This 2nd one is mostly cables with some lace - again something I want to explore more, with the 'Twisted Woolly Toppers' collection. Not that I need any excuse, really...

The books are great - fully charted, and for each symbol there are illustrations demonstrating how to do the stitch - no words needed. Fabulous.

And finally, a little something to feed the obsession collection...

I doubt very much I'll make any of the patterns in these, but they are fun to browse. If anyone's got schematics down to a fine art, it's the people who produced these books. The charts and diagrams are beautiful in themselves!

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