Whilst having some time out and wandering around online last night, I found these beauties:-

This is a necklace I found on Cindy's blog, that she'd made herself from polymer clay. Do go and have a look at her jewellery - she most certainly has an eye for it. (thank you Cindy for letting me use your photo!)

As soon as I saw this necklace I knew I wanted to make one, or make something inspired by it (the cloning device required in the title of this post is for cloning me so, y'know, I have time to dig out my fimo and make stuff) The combination of the colours and the shapes works beautifully - how could this piece fail to be admired? I absolutely love it.

Now I'm all stewing about not having enough time right now. Still, I can admire Cindy's work, and go hunting online for other yummy photos and some new tutorials (being as I gave my two polymer clay books to the charity shops before we left the UK...)

There's some old posts about Fimo in the archives - will rummage and get them linked up. Yey to inspiration!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead