That's not something I'm very good at, having faith in myself, and I really should practice it more often.

I work on both principles of logic and instinct, a funny mixture of the two which works rather nicely when I allow it too. When either kicks in I should trust that that is the best guide for that situation, and should try not to override it... the logic aspect is fine, instinct will back that up. But when instinct stands forward I worry about the lack of logic and that's when I get in trouble. And more often than not, when it comes to my creative side, instinct is the stronger.

So I've been good and let instinct loose and all that trouble I was having with a messy head and awkward designs has faded away and left me with a winner. Lesson no. 12,678 in learning to trust yourself.

Better still, it's a sideways design, and is there anything more ideal for guiding me back into book mode?

So my head is calm, my fingers busy and a plan devised.

When I posted about branding and the meaning, if any, behind the name Woolly Wormhead I wasn't fishing for compliments - it really is very helpful to hear other people's opinions! Sometimes you can get too wrapped up in what you do and need some outside perspective to make clear the muddy waters.

It cheered me no end to read "individual" and "creative" and especially "outside of the box"! (I like that phrase v.muchly:) I don't think I go out of my way to be different, I think that's an inherent part of me, and it's greatly reassuring to know that it is visible in what I do. Some people see 'different' as challenging or even scary, yet it makes me feel safe. I also strive to make the patterns accessible, both in wording and in the sizes available, and it makes me very happy to see the presentation following suit (with all the new photos).

One of the best descriptons I've read is "Hat architect", which to me is a huge, huge compliment. It's been said a few times now, enough for me to accept that people mean it. I don't think my ego will allow me to call myself that, but I do think it sums up perfectly what I'm trying to achieve, what I'd like Woolly Wormhead to be.

I've been worried about loosing my way, about getting too commercial or mainstream or doing stuff for the wrong reasons - thank you for putting me back on track.

Right, enough of my naval gazing for today! I'm feeling all warm and positive, can you tell? ;)

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