I'm trying to have a day off today from work kinda things... so I still owe a few emails and haven't done any pattern writing or designing. I'd like also to respond to the comments left on my last post, by trying to explain what I think WW means to me yet I'm too tired to do or think much... so I want to go to bed with a good book to read. It's been way too long since I read a book, and I really do need something to distract me from this computer.

We've currently no fiction books (guess who dominates the book shelves...) yet there's a few good reads been sitting there for some time waiting for me to make them feel useful. So, which of these should I take to bed with me?

Should it be The Craft of Zeus, Myths of Weaving & Fabric


or should it be Women's Work, The First 20,00 Years?

Neither are a light read, yet the subject matters really interest me and it's a toughie to choose between them. Think I'll go with the Craft of Zeus, as that has better dream potential (being as it's likely I'll fall asleep before the end of chapter one)...

News for the Grandparents - Aran's first upper tooth popped today, so he can now chew on his carrot sticks properly. We're hoping we might get some sleep now too.

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