I've been engrossed in loads of back-end kinda stuff these last few days... and it's starting to drive me a bit bonkers. It's a necessary evil of being self employed, and thankfully this chunk is nearly done with for now.

I've also been getting the ball rolling for more photos to add to to the patterns and I got thinking about how this changes things. I think things will change for the good, and I like the fact that there will be different faces, different models demonstrating the Hats - I think this is one of the many strengths of this project. But at the same time, does that make it difficult? I mean, people tend to associate a face with an indie designer, and that's something that there won't be for Woolly Wormhead, and something I have tried to avoid all along. It was avoidable with the head forms easily enough, they're anonymous, but add a face, any face, and it's natural to make associations...

And then that led me to thinking about brands. I'm not sure it's a term I'm comfortable with and probably haven't considered it too much before now.. so can I ask you, dear readers, what the Wormhead 'brand' means to you? (and don't just say "Hats..." ;)

It will be interesting to see how your perception of the Wormhead 'brand' compares to how I see things..

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