It's amazing what a little perseverance and Pulsatilla can do!

BabyLongLegs recommended that we might want this remedy around when we're travelling and she wasn't wrong. Aran only cried in the shower before and after swimming, otherwise he was seen smiling (even laughing), wanting to play with the other babies and didn't kick up a fuss when the instructor led him away from me for a few moments.

It was amazing to see him enjoy himself after all the stress of the last few attempts. We had fun! It really is a huge worry off my mind, knowing the wee fella can enjoy himself in the water and that we can continue to help him learn to swim.

Aran was 11 months old on friday, and it's pretty mad to think that in less than a month he'll be a year old. Jeez, a whole year! Our little boy is growing up.

And we're enjoying every minute of it!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead