This really should be my moto, y'know.

So my design mojo vanished; I emailed the editor that needed the design (and found out I still had plenty of time left) and gave myself a break. Then an idea started to form. A sideways idea. And it grew and seemed feasible and fit the brief, and then when I went through my files for partially worked designs, there I found a virtually identical pattern charted! Problem solved.

Funny what happens when you give your brain some time out. Pesky vertical designs, messing with my head.

It's been a very lazy sunday here, and I've been pottering around and thinking about some of the things on my 'to-do' list. Nothing strenuous, just trying out Marnie's excellent tutorials for using Excel for charting... except I don't have Excel, I have Open Office Calc instead. (I'm anti-Microsoft if you must know)

Updating my charts is on the list, and today how it all works in a spreadsheet program finally sunk in. I've still some work to do and it will be a while before the patterns are updated, but I am rather pleased to be making progress.

I started with the charts for the Meret, as they are fairly simple compared to most of the others.


The old chart


The new chart


I certainly prefer the look of the new chart! Until now all of my charts have been done with Stitch & Motif maker, which is a perfectly functional chart software. It's versatile and easy to use, although kinda basic too. I have though found my limitations with it, so along with the aesthetics, it's time for something new to do my charts with.

I did look at Knit Visualizer, but I wasn't keen on most of the symbols and there isn't any choice over symbols like there is with Stitch & Motif maker.... so although the KV charts look better than the SMM ones, it would be a step backwards in terms of flexibility.

Hence using Calc for charts... I've already got it, no extra cost to lay out. And after downloading several knitting fonts to play with, I hope to get symbols I'm happy with. I will need to draw some new symbols for showing decreases within cables etc, and the cables will probably take the longest to get right with Calc, but it will be worth it. It's nice to have control over all the elements, right down to the size of the cells and the colour of the lines.

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