You spend at least a day catching up on birthday greetings, let alone all your other emails!

I have been overwhelmed with birthday wishes either on here, Ravelry or Facebook - thank you! I had a lovely day, a modest day, which seemed just right to me. I was taken to lunch by my friend I go to the gym with, and then taken out for dinner by Tom and Aran. I haven't been bursting at the seams with presents in the form of knitterly goodness, which is a good job as we really have no spare space!

I did try to take a day off work, and succeeded, mostly. All I did was organise some more photos that have arrived, photos taken by knitters who have happily and generously traded with me and allowed use of them in the relevant patterns.

Have a look at some of these:-





and finally, Meret

Aren't they all wonderful? Beautiful Hats, gorgeous models, fantastic photographs. I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but I have to say how in awe I am that the knitters of my patterns are prepared to work with me and help me improve the presentation of them. Many, many thanks!

Otherwise, a design I'm trying to finish doesn't want to work and is eating time and brain power, and I'm not sure there's room for me to put it aside and have a break from it. Still, I am rather tired today and hopefully tomorrow my energy will be renewed and I'll be able to see it again with fresh eyes. And so to bed I go.

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