One of the hardest dilemmas I've faced since publishing Going Straight is the possibility of splitting up the collection to sell them individually.

Initially I wasn't keen, because if I wanted to have published them individually I could have saved a lot of time and hassle by not writing a book! (although there'd be an extra 24 patterns on the 'need new photos' pile...) Also - how would the tutorials factor? Some of the patterns in the book need them more than others, so would I also include those in the pattern itself? Then of course there's the mechanism of selling  - the Ravelry structure doesn't allow (yet!) for patterns in E-books to be sold separately.

Finally though an idea struck and so far, it seems to be working! Slowly, patterns from GS are being formatted and sent over to PatternFish where they can be bought individually. Not all of the Hats from GS will be made available - at the moment ones that don't need specialist tutorials are being added, ones that would be fine with my free tutorials. I still think the tutorials, especially the Kitchener ones, are one of the books strengths, and I still think the collection work best as a collection, yet I think this solution gives those who don't want to buy a whole book more options. I don't think this will distract from book sales, either.

So far, the patterns available singularly are:-

Strudel     Windward     Dulcie

Enroule     Dryad

Talking of patterns needing new photos, the first of the new shots have started to appear on patterns, and I am so happy with them! Here's a couple of before and after examples:-

Above are the older photos of My Dear Stalker, below are the new ones courtesy of BabyLongLegs (we also have photos without the sunglasses too)

And for the next demonstration,

These are the 'before' (above) photos for Tamya, and 'after' (below), again courtesy of BabyLongLegs and Lottie..

Now, I don't know about you, but I think these are great photos and do the Hats much more justice! I really think this is a good thing, trading with knitters and yarnies for use of photos - everyone wins. Many thanks to these lovely ladies for getting the ball rolling :D

Tomorrow is my birthday and methinks I should have a day off... wish me luck in managing that ;)

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