I'm sure it wants to be a scarf.

In my head, I have the perfect picture of how I want this Hat to look. It's drape, the cables, the brim, the width & depth of the body, all worked out. Which is maybe why it's taken a while to swatch, because this isn't how I normally work. It's like I've been forcing the yarn and stitches into submission.

But now I've won, and is on it's way to being something fun and cabley.

Thank you for your well wishes for Aran - he's much better now! We believe he's had Roseola again (he had it back in January). Within a few days of the fever subsiding, the rash appeared and we knew what we were dealing with. Unlike measles, it can reoccur, although it is mild in comparison.

To answer a couple of questions! The Hat I was wearing in my Knit1.TV interview is Marina. And that pretty crown shown previously? (the first photo in this blog post) - that's a new design for Twisted Woolly Toppers, so you'll be able to get your hands on it when that collection is published! And in case you wondering, the design with the never ending swatch is also for the TWT collection...

And with that, I shall disapear. I'm exhausted.

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