It wasn't a white one for us, infact we woke up to a warm and sunny day, with an average temperature of 17 degrees!

Santa was all too generous with Aran, who rather got into the spirit of things and the ripping open of presents

There were trucks and more trucks, boats and helicopters, books about trucks, colouring books of trucks and well, you get the picture. One little boy was very, very happy, despite his streaming cold. Gifts came from all around - nearly everyone on the Yard had something for Aran, and it seemed the gift opening would never end!

For ourselves, our gifts were more modest. These two fantastic books were from Tom (by request, of course ;) - I have the knitting equivalents, and my aim with these is to improve my crochet skills as well as improve my Italian. I also got a remote control for my camera - super handy!

Christmas dinner was a communial affair, just like last year. Not everyone came, as many had other dinner plans and the vegetarians weren't keen on sharing the aroma of our meats, so there was a party on christmas eve which saw everyone come together, and another christmas night. ('tis the party season, after all)

The 'house' (communial building) is in the process of being redecorated, and was looking bright and colourful, perfect for the day.

Much fun was had indeed. Myself and Aran retired early (we were knackered!) and Tom stayed on and partied till the wee hours, as everyone drifted in later on.

New Year is bound to see another big party. I took baby duty last year so in theory it's my turn to see in the new year in style, but alcohol and my meds aren't getting along and I'm not sure I've the stamina to stay awake that long without alcohol! We'll see...

I hope everyone had a happy and merry festive season, however you celebrated, and here's to a wonderful and warm new year! See you in 2010 :)

Happy New Year!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead