I have so many blog posts planned, to explain further my design process and inspiration, and to answer some of the many questions you've asked, yet finding the time to write them isn't easy. Being as today has pretty much been a duvet day (the meds are kicking in and wiping me out) and I'm having a break from any kind of design planning and maths, I thought I'd share some more about shape and form (it'll help keep my grey matter ticking over during the Venlafaxine weirdness)

This mosaic was an ideas board I put together for a submission I made earlier in the year (which was rejected, I might add!) The photos were taken in and around San Marino in late spring. The key forms in this selection are the sculptures that appear in the first and last photos (reading top left to bottom right) There were a number of these sculptures, all uniform in their sections, and each one composed of 3 parts.

I totally loved their lines and curves, and spent ages looking at them, taking in their shape and dimensions.

The design that was rejected didn't really develop into a self-published pattern, although elements of it can be seen in Star Beanie - the influence of these sculptures can be seen in the tripod crown shaping. The arch in the mosaic above reminds me of how a beanie type Hat curves towards the crown, and the texture of the pavement stones is reflected in the stitch pattern.

It's no secret that circles are my favourite shape, and spheres and domes are amongst my favourite forms (for clarity - a form is a 3D shape) I guess this is another reason why I love Hats so much - by nature they are based on a series of circles.

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