I'm so happy to be sharing more of the designs I've been working so hard on!

It's not every day golden opportunities come along, and when they do, you know it. I was extremely honoured to be asked to design some Hats for Jamieson & Smith, Shetland Yarn. Y'know, the Jamieson & Smith, the very same yarn company who have been associated with Elizabeth Zimmerman, Alice Starmore and Meg Swanson; Kaffe Fassett, Sasha Kagan and Susan Crawford, and many, many more. Yes, that yarn company, with it's prestigious history and modest ethics. They commissioned* me to design for them.

So of course, I said yes!

Naturally, I asked what sort of designs they were looking for, knowing that 'traditional' isn't always the first word that springs to mind when you think of my Hats. I was given free reign; they wanted something different. They wanted Woolly Wormhead originals :D

There are 2 designs available as kits:

Elourne is a sculptured beret, using alternating cable twists and lace to create the shape. The pattern uses J&S aran weight yarn, is available in 3 sizes (as always) and has both charts and written instructions.

Filigree beanie uses twist techniques on reverse stocking stitch background, creating a continuous lattice motive around the body. Like Elourne, it uses aran weight, has 3 sizes, and charts as well as written.

I am so, so chuffed   to have these designs published with J&S! They are available as kits direct from their website, clicky here (and you'll see I have my very own page on their site :)

See how busy I've been? It's so exciting to be revealing this!

*J&S commissioned these designs for selling in kits and promoting their yarns. They have a year exclusivity period, after which they'll still sell their kits, and I'll be able to make the patterns available individually, either as a download or in print, in my own layout.

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