All this secret knitting I keep talking about? I can finally share some!

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Elsica is a beret design I'm rather proud of. It uses a combination of techniques to create it's effect, and it took some fine tuning to get the result I was after.

I could have simply used bias techniques, but I wanted the appearance of the prominent knit stitches travelling across the purled background, rather than having the whole lot twist together.  The knit stitches start at the brim and continue unbroken into the body, spiral towards the crown where they all meet, and that's a detail I really like - design features that work together for continuity really make a pattern, in my opinion. There are slipped stitches on the brim, twists on the body, and bias + twists for the crown. It's the combination of these that result in this gentle and graceful shape.

Here's one of my best friends, Carina (who's getting married next year!), modelling the beret for me. Suits her, doesn't it?

The yarn, Wollmeise Molly (their worsted weight) really adds to the drape of the Hat, and gives great stitch definition. I picked this skein up when we stopped by their shop in June, and started working with it straight away.

I also wrote a tutorial to go with the Hat, cabling without a needle, which is so simple to do with these twists, and that will be published alongside the pattern.

The issue goes live on 16th November 2009, just over a week away. I like working with Yarn Forward, one of the reasons being that contractually, the rights revert back after 6 months so I can add this pattern to the rest of my line. A win, win situation :)

Hope you like it as much as I do!

ETA - the yarn used for this beret is Wollmeise Molly, a worsted weight yarn available either directly from their store or form one of their stockists. For more information click here.

For anyone trying to get hold of a copy of the magazine, Yarn Forward, they are available in the US from many stockists. Alternatively there are digital subscriptions available. Click here for more information.

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