Yesterday saw the first birthday of P/hop - 'Pennies Per Hour Of Pleasure' - and there are lots of great things going on to celebrate! There's a blog-a-long this week, which anyone can join, and I will be contributing later in the week with something special to help them celebrate their first year. If you've never heard of P/hop go have a look - they are helping to raise funds for MSF through knitting - worth supporting, huh?

Recently a special parcel arrived all the way from India. Inside were plenty of goodies, and the dear Swapna spoilt us rotten!

There were 2 shirts for Aran, local hand loom fabrics and absolutely gorgeous as I'm sure you'll agree:

Aren't they just beautiful? I think the red one is my favourite, appeals to my inner hippy ;) We haven't tried them on him yet but they are plenty big enough (Aran's a skinny chap for his age, tall too) and we can't wait until the weather warms enough for him to wear them.

Included in the parcel was also some wool! (of course)

50g each of this local pure wool, and already the yarn has been put to good use (though you'll have to wait until later in the week to find out how, and it has something to do with P/hop!) According to the Rav database, Wendy Aristocrat bears little or no relation to the Wendy yarns most of us are familiar with. I can't help feeling that they might have been in some way, though.

This parcel made my week, it really did, with all it's yumminess and thoughtfulness. But there was more delight to come... on the day this parcel arrived, Swapna had her own delivery - the birth of her little girl! As I logged onto Facebook to tell her the news, there was her news staring straight back at me. How's that for timing?! I'm so, so happy for Swapna - this is a very special, long awaited baby and it's wonderful to know that she is here safe and sound.

Finally, I can announce the draw/contest winners - both MaLinda and LaCrumpet will be receiving copies of the Italian stitch dictionary! It was a tough decision, deciding the winners, but both winning comments struck a chord with me for different reasons. Thank you to everyone who took part, and I'm hoping to find other goodies like this to offer again!

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