Has it been a week already since I last posted? Yikes!

The draw for the Italian stitch disctionaries is now closed - thank you for all your thoughtful comments! I'm going to read through them today, email the two winners, and once they have confirmed I'll announce them here!

Other news:

I decided to make Mr Tom's Beanie available as a free download. I know I'm running a business but offering the occassional free pattern feels right, especially one as simple as this. It's a quick beanie, perfect for last minute gifts or charity knitting.

Follow the link above to this patterns' page and you can download it from there :) Enjoy!

And now some pimping:

Remember when I was interviewed for knitting TV? Well, that new knitting channel is now live! Knit1.TV is an online subscrition channel. I haven't seen the episode I was in yet, so if you spot me, please be kind in your comments ;)

There's a new fibre filled event planned for next year called Fibre Craft Away! It's a whole weekend packed full with various tutors (myself included) set in the Brecon Beacons during May. I know nearly all of the tutors personally, and each and everyone is both skilled and good fun - I think this will be a great, enjoyable and relaxing weekend.

A little bird has told me that the Anticraft book is being 'remaindered' (technical publisher talk) - more information can be found here - basically, they're having a sale of the book and there's even a special deal for non-US folks. Hey, there's no affiliation, just passing on a message for a friend! Actually, maybe I should start charging for pimping...

And now I need to get on and finish reading everyone's comments on the draw, complete a tutorial for print, review a new pattern (more information shortly!) and sort through this mornings' photos for it, retackle a crochet pattern that will not beat me, and then maybe, just maybe, sit and do some knitting..

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