I should make a note somewhere, something big and bold that can't be missed, reminding me that this time of year is bonkers. I don't know how things pan out for other knit designers, but when it comes to woolly Hats, this is the most important time of year. 

And so, there's more secret knitting. This is secret knitting that will be going to a magazine (along with quite a lot of other secret knitting lately) and won't be shared until some time next year. It's pleasant secret knitting, working in Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply, with a pattern my memory likes.

Twisted Woolly Toppers is making progress, albeit slowly, and Kitchener Unravelled is still on hold until this seasonal madness has calmed down. I'm enjoying getting back into designing and pattern writing again, after the long hiatus due to book research and the massive pattern photo & layout overhaul earlier in the year, but I'm also itching to get the books finished. Right now though, I can't afford to turn this work down, so onwards I plough with my secret knitting.

Very soon, in a few weeks, some of it will be revealed. But only some of it.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead