Please read this post for information about this stitchionary:)

So, this unusual Italian stitch dictionary that I found in the local supermarket... we went back this morning and I bought the last copies...

And now I'm offering them up for grabs! There are 2 copies available, and both have a small amount of damage on the back cover (minor tears) but hey, they were the last copies and two lucky people will be getting them for free, so who cares about a small tear, right?

Here's the deal - leave me a comment with your email address on this blog post  telling me why you'd like a copy of this stitch dictionary. That's all you have to do - email addy + your reason for why you want a copy. It could be that you want to improve your Italian or have a design that needs something creative on the stitch front or because you collect these suckers and can't possibly live without this one. Whatever your reason is, tell me.

Here's a little looksy again at what's up for grabs:

And don't forget you can read more about it here.

Now the important stuff:

  • I'll post (ship) just about anywhere, so overseas folk are more than welcome.
  • You must let me have your email addy - no addy, no win, I don't have time to chase you.
  • You can leave your email addy in the required field for commenters - there's no need to include it in your actual comment.
  • Your comment must be left on this blog post only - not the previous post, Ravelry,  Facebook or Twitter - post elsewhere and you won't be included in the draw.
  • I'll make every effort to post the stitchionary safely and it'll be well packaged to avoid anymore damage, but I can't be held accountable for what happens after it leaves my hands.
  • A link to your blog or website is welcome - gives me somewhere to link to when I announce the winners!
  • I'll be selecting the winners based on the best comments and that decision is final.
  • And on that note, think about your comment - be imaginative, clever, thoughtful or funny - just don't say "because you want it".
  • Only one comment per person - multiple entries will be ignored.
  • I'll be taking new comments until Saturday 21st November, 6pm GMT+1. I'll announce the winners within a few days (you gotta give me a chance to read your comments!)

Still with us? Good! Now fire away with your comment and best of luck!

**Remember there are two copies up for grabs, so I'll be looking for the two best comments, not just one!

PS/ thank you to everyone who's offered help with translation! I'm the only Brit here on the Yard who doesn't speak Italian so there's plenty of help on hand. I'm trying to work much of it for myself, based on my own knitting knowledge, as I figured this could be the only way I manage to learn any of the language ;)

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