It's been super busy here, so busy that I've been longing for quiet times again, times when I don't have to meet deadlines or worry about admin or emails. But then I'm useless with quiet times, I'd only find myself something to do.

This is the newest design for 'Twisted Woolly Toppers', named 'Lollipop'.

It's fun and quirky, and although Aran's modelling it for us here, it will be sized to fit adults too - this one is for a 19" head. It's a quick knit, in bulky yarn - Abuelita Yarns are a fairly new company, and this is their bulky merino/corridale/silk blend. It's super soft and for a single ply, reasonably robust.

You may have noticed that this Hat is designed on multiples of 3 ( the 3 cables up the sides?) - I'm having a bit of a 3 kick at the moment, which can also be seen in Star Beanie with it's tripod crown.

TV? Did someone mention TV?

Indeedy... and last friday saw me at a recording studio being interviewed for telly!

There's a new knitting TV channel launching in November - I don't have all the details yet, but I can tell you it's likely to be a subscription channel, and most likely available online only. I'm told this is how most of the specialist channels are working now, as it allows them to reach a wider audience without the higher cost of airing on regular TV.

As soon as I know more, and when the website is launched, I will be letting the whole world know ;)

As well as 20 minute ish interview, I also did 2 demonstrations for Kitchener stitch. The whole day was weird, fun, but weird. Apart from the make-up (my skin felt caked!) it was so funny to have the cameras pointing at you, watching every movement and catching every word! I think I only hiccuped once or twice, but when I did it was hard not to burst out laughing. The interviewer asked me all sorts of questions about my design and knitting background, about my patterns and why Hats, and about our lifestyle and how that influences my work.

Fiona Morris has been working for the media company, so I must thank her for getting me involved. I believe Heather Murray encouraged Fiona to contact me, so thanks to Heather too!

Exciting stuff, huh?

Remember a few months back when I was madly trying to develop a new pattern layout because Cookie A was taking a selection to TNNA? Well, all of my single patterns are now in the new format, and now that they're all looking fine and dandy, they're ready for distribution!

In the US, they are available through Cookie A. The catalogue currently only lists the patterns that were at TNNA, yet they're doing a new print run very soon, and after that, the remainder of my patterns will be added to the catalogue.

And I have a new distributor for the UK too! Viridian Distribution are stocking my patterns, so if you're an LYS or a knitter who'd like to see my patterns in your local shop, please visit these links! All of this information is also on the Wholesale Information page for future reference.

Phew - there's so much going on, not to mention all the secret projects I can't tell you about yet!

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