It's colder in Italy than it was this time last year, so we've fitted the woodburner back in to the bus to keep us warm, and boy does it do just that. I've been waxing lyrical about the benefits of a woodburner over on Twitter, and figured it was about time I blogged about the one that Mr Tom built us (and better late than never, seeing as I promised to do this a year ago)

It's made from an old short and dumpy gas bottle, turned upside down (Tom tells me it may have been a 10kg gas bottle, not very big). The bottle was emptied, then it's base cut off and then the old paint burnt off. After that, it was ready for welding and all the extras.

It's legs are UPVC double glazing mechanism type innards.

The air flow regulator is made from an old exhaust bracket and some scrap metal discs.

The hinge is a stainless steel hinge found lying around.

The door handle is made from a motorbike cog and a bolt or two.

Finally, a piece of mild steel was welded on top, then the whole thing was painted with silver exhaust paint.

The surround is thick(ish) stainless steel, which not only makes the whole thing safer, it also reflects the heat back out.

The flu is at the back - it goes out of the side of the bus and the chimney up from there, rather than through the roof. Makes much more sense when you haven't got a lot of space to play with - there be cupboards over top of that stove!

It works perfectly, as well as any shop-bought burner. It stays in all night and it doesn't smoke. It's pretty efficient fuel-wise, and it has a flat top for boiling the kettle or cooking soup or stew. It's not very big yet it warms our bus, which is roughly 50 cubic metres in volume (6.2m long, 2.7m wide, 3m high. Roughly)

And best of all? It doesn't look like any other woodburner you'll ever, ever see, because Mr Tom made it.

Here it is chez flash:

And yes, there is an Aran proof fire guard around it.

I love our life.

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