Funny you should comment on the patterns in the magazine, as I was going to share a couple. I didn't buy it for the patterns, but this is a beginners' guide and the patterns are pitched to that level, which is something to bear in mind. I tell you though, I have seen *loads* of Italians here wearing very similar Hats to the one seen in my last post!

This magazine and it's patterns aren't on the Ravelry database, and so I feel a sense of duty to add them. I've noticed a few European things missing from the database - I added some Italian yarns a while back - but I guess that's gonna happen with non-English speaking countries. The Editors are doing a fab job, but it's hard to keep up when you don't speak the lingo! For instance, I can't decipher who the designer(s) is(are) for any of these...

Anyhow's, here's a couple more of the patterns included:-

(images Copyright © 2008 Mani di Fata)

I'm not going to pass judgement on the style, as really I have absolutely no idea about such things! I know they don't grab me, but I thought it would be interesting to see how different (or similar!) they are to UK and US mags pitched at this level. Any comments on that? I don't buy magazines as a rule, so haven't a clue.

They will be added to the Rav database in due course, but it could take a while... in an effort to manage my time better I'm using LeachBlock to limit my Rav time to a wopping 45 mins a day! I'm still getting work stuff done and keeping up with PM's and my groups (mostly), yet it really is helping me stop surfing/lurking which saves sooo much time ;)

ETA - I took this post down to edit it, as I realised the way I'd presented the photos may well be an infringement.


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