Thank you guys for your comments regarding the book questions! It's always tricky when a blog moves home, especially after a period of inactivity, so I'm chuffed that you left me some feedback :)

I kinda suspected that spiral bound would get the vote for 'Kitchener Unravelled'! I am hoping to publish this one using the same publisher I have for Going Straight, so I should have checked with them first to see if spiral bound is an option before getting people's hopes up, sorry. I will of course let you know the score on that one. But yeah, if it is a possibility spiral bound it will be.

To answer BlueADT's question, and explain a bit more about the b&w thing... to even use one spot colour in the photos (or text, anywhere really) would automatically mean paying for colour printing and that costs too much I'm afraid. My current publisher are a relatively new indie company and are basically POD - and with POD it's no colour or all colour as far as the price is concerned. I could try submitting to one of the big publishing houses but I don't want to - I like the arrangement we have now, and we all get paid fairly.

I am optimising the photos for b&w and they will be a similar size to those in GS, so not squashed and squidgy and pretty clear, even if they aren't in colour. It's another of those compromises that has to be made in this game, and thankfully I have the experience of one book behind me now.

Thank you too for the name suggestions - you've given me things to think about. And typically since I stated that I don't want to be restricted to cables I can think about nothing but cables... ;) I might leave the name for this one until a later date, when I can look at the collection together and see what speaks to me.

Casey has sorted out the cart code & options for the Ravelry store now (it was there for purchases inside Rav but not for external sites like this one) and so over the next couple of days (hopefully) I'll start to change over all the code so that all purchases go through Ravelry. You don't have to be a member to purchase btw! It just makes it much easier for me to have all my files in one place, and their fee structure suits me greatly, especially as there are no tangibles up for grabs.

And apologies for another photo-less post! I will get some photos sorted to share, we have a few good ones from New Years Eve.

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