Can I ask a couple of questions? I'm not sure how many readers of my old blog pop by this new one but I'll throw these out there anyway... hopefully someone is reading and will help with an answer ;)

  1. For 'Kitchener Unravelled' - would a spiral bound be best? I haven't checked to see if this is an option yet, but it would be handy to know ahead of time for costing etc. Feedback from GS says that spiral bound is popular. I'm considering doing the whole book b&w to avoid the price issue I had with GS... b&w will make it feasible for wholesale which will get onto the shelves at your LYS!

  3. This 2nd mini book collection... is 'Twisted Woolly Toppers' a misleading title? With a name like that, would you expect a book of cabled designs? I don't want to commit myself to them all being cabled, although some will be. Twisted, to me at least, is a play on the idea of them being 'beanies with a twist' - something a little more different and interesting from your regular beanie. Is there a more suitable title waiting to be found?

  5. While I'm posting about this sorta thing, are there any particular stitch patterns that you'd like to see tackled in the Kitchener book? i.e. - are there any you've tried to graft but have defeated you?

Thanks in advance for your input!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead